From the Mouths (and Hearts) of Simply Speaking Members 

People join Toastmasters for a variety of reasons, but the results are the same: growing and learning in a supportive, fun-filled environment. Here are some of our stories...what will be yours? 

Margaret Anne Sayer

I joined Simply Speaking 10 years ago to become a better speaker and to have more confidence in myself, and it's happened! This club has become my second family.  It's full of friends who I love to grow with and help.  I've really enjoyed the roles I've filled, like club secretary and VP of Membership. That's helped become a better leader at work. I really look forward to being here every Thursday at 7 pm.

Joel Weissman

The best idea I received from Toastmasters is the "sandwich" method where by using praise first then constructive ideas for improvements and then finishing up with something positive.  It has helped me improve communication with adults as well as kids.  Using this method helps see individuals more holistically. Instead of focusing on what's wrong allows me to paint a bigger picture about what' is right with others.

Alan Schwartz, DTM

Simply Speaking Toastmasters has helped me become the best version of myself.  That means as a leader, a communicator, and a person who reaches out to others to help them become better.  It's a special experience in a very caring club where we care about learning and having fun together."

Larry Hutcherson

After I sold my business five years ago, I joined Simply Speaking.  I finally had time to spend increasing my confidence in talking to people in different situations. I also wanted to be a better leader at home and at church. I push myself to do better each time I speak.  I know I get a lot out of it, and I like to think I'm helping others grow, too.  

I love it when visitors come and ask a lot of questions.  That way they know what we're trying to accomplish.  Our club keeps growing because we make it easy to understand.

Darryle Brown, DTM

“I joined the Toastmasters organization to polish my skills as a Public Affairs Officer and Human Resources Recruiter for the Denver Sheriff's Department. It prepared me with the communication skills and leadership development to become an effective communicator. What I love the most about my Toastmasters experience is the ongoing training to keep my skills sharp. My most notable benefit came when I unexpectedly got laid off from the City of County of Denver after 15 years. As a result of my experience with Toastmasters, it gave me the competitive edge I needed to be hired on with the federal government immediately after my layoff, in the midst of a tough job market.  The most rewarding experience for me as a Toastmaster is mentoring new members, helping them discover their potential and empowering them to emerge as the communicators and leaders the world is calling for today.”