Club History

Simply Speaking Toastmasters Club History

Our Club

The Simply Speaking name was selected by members of the new Aurora club since the clubs goal was not for people to become polished speakers overnight, but to simply be able to speak before an audience and to grow with confidence and poise. To provide a significant benefit to its members the club decided to meet weekly on Thursday evening in an effort to provide unlimited opportunities for members to exercise and polish their communication skills. In 2010, the club adopted their branding slogan "Simply Your Best Speaking Begins Here" created by member David Bounds.

Founded in August 2004 by Dana Morgan and 21 other members, Simply Speaking Toastmasters club was chartered on September 1st, 2004. Since that historic date, Simply Speaking has helped hundreds of Colorado citizens find their authentic voice and to grow as effective leaders

 Our Location

The Colorado Community Church in Aurora Colorado opened its doors to Simply Speaking Toastmasters free of charge as part of an ongoing commitment to assist the Aurora community. While the Simply Speaking Toastmasters Club is not affiliated with the Colorado Community Church, the Toastmasters organization has been of great benefit in the communication and leadership development of church members and non-church members in the community who are associated with the club. 

 Our People

Over the course of time, Simply Speaking Toastmasters has evolved into a diverse club with members from many nations around the world.  Members are also diverse in their occupations, including executives, public and private sector professionals, entrepreneurs and students. Through their Toastmasters experience and training, many advanced their careers and some become full- and part-time public speakers, consultants and mentors. 

Our Success

Simply Speaking continues a legacy of excellence, inspiring both veteran and new members, alike, to achieve their personal best. In fact, Simply Speaking members have won more speech championships at the Area, Division and District levels than any other club in District 26. This includes the honor of being one of the few clubs in the district to have a member to compete as a finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking. Additionally, 100+ members have served as leaders in the district and regional level! These accomplishments earned the Simply Speaking Toastmasters Club the distinction of being called "The Club of Champions."  

Presidential Line Up

Chelsa Newberg

JP Bachmann

Teri McDonald

Will Robinson

Dana Rogers

Meredith Myers

Will Robinson

Jim Roth

Maura Thompson

David Jenkins

Sherry Londo-Thomas

Will Osagiede   

Cybele Antenow

Tom Marrs

Marcy Brack

Gigi De Gala

Darryle Brown (founding member)

2007-2008:  Pam Hertzog

2006-2007:  Michelle Bires

2005-2006:  Scott Adams

2004-2005:  David Ortiz (founding member)