Whacha Need, Friend?

SO GLAD you are here. We worked diligently to ensure Simply Speaking members have all the updated info you need at the click of the mouse. A few things:

  • Toastmasters International and their magical information writers and communicators have worked tirelessly to ensure we have all the information we (members, Simply Speaking Sizzlers and Toastmaster Terrors) need to succeed our goals. Much of the "technical" or "institutional" support you need will be available with a quick search on
  • To make sure you have the club meeting information up-to-date and clear, this section offers documents that will help you in your journey at the club level.
  • If you have any questions about your educational track, contact Dana Rogers, VP, Education. If you feel like there needs to be more information on this site regarding your journey, contact Meredith Myers, VP, Public Relations. And if you simply want to voice member compliments or concerns, chat with Will Robinson, Club President.

How to give an effective evaluation?

First... it's not all about the evaluation form that your speaker hands to you. Effective evaluations include a number of elements coming together to present a balanced picture on where your speaker shined and areas for improvement.