One of the skills Toastmasters practice is expressing a thought within a specific time. The timer is responsible for monitoring time for each meeting segment and each speaker. Performing this role heightens your awareness of how straying off track a little in every section of a meeting makes a significant impact on a meeting’s timeliness.

During the Meeting

Arrive at 6:45 pm and ask the Sergeant of Arms for the Timer’s Log and the timing light. Discuss the speech times with each speaker and write them down. Check in with the Toastmaster about any special timing issues to be aware of.

Be acquainted with the timing parameters for each section of the meeting.

Time every speaking assignment, including those with roles. With our traffic light signal, the prescribed speaking time is coming to an end by switching the lights from green to yellow to red. Make sure to turn all the lights off when the speaker finishes.

Timer’s Report

When called on by the General Evaluator, you have two minutes to give your report. Stand by your chair and if your role has not yet been explained, take 15-20 seconds to describe your responsibilities. Then based on the times you recorded in the Timer’s Log, detail the times for each speaker giving a prepared speech as well as Table Topics participants. Indicate if any speaker is not eligible for an award due to exceeding time limitations.

After the speech evaluators finish their presentations, you will be asked to give one more very brief timing report simply stating the evaluators’ times.