Speech Evaluator

As an evaluator, you can have extraordinary impact!  Your observations, insights and advice can be the catalyst for growth for even a seasoned speaker. Reinforcing their strengths and gently offering useful advice on improvement motivate members to improve. Your verbal evaluation of the speaker also helps the audience, as members learn from the advice you give and how you give it.  For you, the speaker and the audience, everyone improves their speaking and leadership skills.  


Evaluation requires careful preparation if the speaker is to benefit. 


Arrive by 6:45 and speak briefly with the general evaluator to confirm it there are any changes you should be aware of. Retrieve the evaluation form from the speaker.  If you’ve not already talked, ask if they have any specific goals in mind.


Tips for presenting your verbal evaluation:

The Modified Sandwich Technique” is a useful evaluation approach:  

Sandwich Layer: Bread

Evaluation Element: Praise – strengths exhibited by the speaker

 Sandwich Layer: Condiments

Evaluation Element: Areas for improvementwhere can the speaker improve     

Sandwich Layer: Meat, cheese, vegetables

Evaluation Element: Specific suggestionshow can the speaker improve