People join Toastmasters for a variety of reasons. Some are business related, some personal, some for confidence building. Some to practice their English, some to practice their writing skills. Some to become a professional speaker. The reasons are plentiful, but the results are the same. Growing and learning in a supportive, fun-filled environment. 

Here are some of our stories:
Although I have been a member of Simply Speaking for just a short time, I can testify to the power of connection the group has with one another.  This is seen in the genuine support that is offered in helping newcomers develop their speaking skills.  I have developed an increased skill base in public speaking.  This group has helped me to express myself in ways that have been locked in a treasure box, just waiting to be discovered and acknowledged by others.  Additionally, I have become more comfortable with making mistakes and being okay with it.  It is because of the loving support of everyone, and knowing and accepting that we are all learning on this stage of life.  But, it does not stop there.  The group truly functions as an extended family in supporting one another in ways that are very individualized and personal.  I am grateful for the opportunity of being a part of this life changing group of people.
 -Yvonne Buck, CC

The best idea I received from Toastmasters is the "sandwich" method where by using praise first then constructive ideas for imporvements and then finishing up with something positive.  It has helped me improve communication with adults as well as kids.  Using this method helps see individuals more holistically and instead of focusing on what's wrong paints a bigger picture about what' is right with others.
-Joel Weissman CC, CL

After years of living in an emotionally toxic environment, I left.  To say that I was a mess would be like saying fire is warm.  Simply Speaking Toastmasters was the answer to a prayer I had been praying for many years.  Part of my healing can be credited to the support of this amazing club.  With each speech I stood a little taller and shed fewer tears.  They were so encouraging and supporting that in 2012 I won Toastmasters District 26's Humorous Speech Contest of over 200 contestants.  Who knew that I, the woman who would often stare out of the window of her home for hours, thinking her life would be sad forever, would win a humorous speech contest!
-Sherry Londo-Thomas, ACB, ALB