Maximized Mentoring 2.0

We are going to conduct advanced refresher training for our mentoring program for new and experienced mentors on Thursday, September 26th at 6 p.m. at Simply Speaking. We are calling for veteran and experienced toastmasters in our club to become mentors and help us raise up the new generation of Toastmasters.
Did you know being a mentor to new toastmasters is an essential part of club success, reinforces the goals of the club leadership as well and enabling you to take greater ownership of your club's direction and vision?
Here's the BIG part for the "WIIFM" (What's in it for me?) question:
You have the opportunity to:
-- Further your development as a leader (plus CL manual credit),
-- Have greater opportunities for self discovery by unlocking your potential as a communicator,
-- Gain personal growth by investing in the success of other toastmasters.
Even more so, you get to strengthen and show support for others through relationships that can last a lifetime.
Becoming a mentor to new toastmasters as well as experienced members who need a little extra inspiration to get back on track makes us ALL winners and champions. Please join us. Together, we can change the lives of our new generations of toastmasters, making more leaders and communicators to impact the world! See you on September 26th!

Colorado Community Church, 2220 S. Chambers Road, Aurora, Colorado 80014 View Map
2nd floor classroom #456 

Darryle Brown, MBA, DTM
Vice President of Education
Simply Speaking Toastmasters