Within Toastmasters, club officers are responsible for providing the overall direction, leadership, and administration of the club's functions. These Toastmasters officers promote the overall club culture and vision essential to the club's growth and vitality. Club officers are nominated and elected by Toastmasters club members in good standing to serve one year terms or as we call it at Simply Speaking, "Seasons".
Simply Speaking Toastmasters Aurora, CO club officers for the 2016-2017:
President: Maura Thompson 
The president is responsible for providing a supportive 
club environment that members need to fulfill their
self-development goals by making sure that all 
members benefit from the Toastmasters educational 
program, and by helping their club recruit new members 
and retain current ones

Immediate Past President: David Jenkins
The immediate president is responsible for providing 
support, encouragement, guidance and knowledge 
to help ensure a seamless transition of incoming officers. 

Vice President of Education: Mark Reagan 
The vice president education is responsible for providing 
and maintaining a positive environment as well as the programs 
through which members learn and grow. 

Vice President of Membership : Vanessa Frazier
The vice president of membership is responsible for building 
membership and ensuring a sturdy membership base by 
meeting the needs of all club members. 

Vice President of Public Relations: Chelsa Newberg
The vice president public relations is responsible for
keeping an active public relations and publicity 
program to help attract new members. 

Secretary: Joel Weissman
The secretary is responsible for keeping 
accurate records of club business, including 
club meeting minutes and officer  meeting minutes.

Treasurer: Diane Nuss
The  treasurer is responsible for keeping
accurate financial records of all the club business 
and for being aware that the club remains financially stable

Sergeant At Arms: Larry Hutcherson
The sergeant at arms is responsible for 
arranging the meeting room, maintaining 
club properties and ensuring the meeting 
starts on time by calling it to order. 

Aurora, CO Simply Speaking Toastmasters club officers for 2015/2016 season:
President: David Jenkins
Immediate Past President: Sherry Londo-Thomas
Vice President of Education: James Umbenhower
President of Membership: Joel Weissnam
Vice President of Public Relations: Vennita Jenkins
Secretary: Pete Hazlet
Treasurer: Diane Nuss
Sergeant At Arms: Larry Hutchinson
Aurora, CO Simply Speaking Toastmasters club officers for 2014/2015 season:
President: Sherry Londo-Thomas
Immediate Past President: Will Osagiede
Vice President of Education: Pete Hazlett
President of Membership: Yvonne Buck
Vice President of Public Relations: Vennita Jenkins
Secretary: David Jenkins
Treasurer: Brian Hoffler
Sergeant At Arms: Larry Hutchinson
Aurora, CO Simply Speaking Toastmasters club officers for the 2013 - 2014 season:
President: Will Osagiede
Immediate Past President: Cybele Antonow
Vice President of Education: Darryle Brown 
Vice President of Membership: Concetta Palmieri
Vice President of Public Relations: Monica Alvarez
Secretary: David Jenkins
Treasurer: Kelli Malcolm First 6 month
Treasurer : Kumu Kandaswamy Second 6 months
Sergeant At Arms: Joel Weissman

Aurora, CO Simply Speaking Toastmasters club officers for the 2012 - 2013 season:  
President: Cybele Antonow
Immediate Past President: Tom Marrs
Vice President of Education First 6 Months: Dale Jenkel
Vice President of Education Second 6 Months: Will Osagiede 
Vice President of Membership:  Kathy Fortune
Vice President of Public Relations: Maura Thompson
Secretary: Peter Hazlet
Treasurer: Felicia C. Arambula
Sergeant At Arms: Joel Weissman